Jogo, also known as 漏じょう瑚ご Jōgo, is a significant antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. As an unregistered special grade cursed spirit, he aligned himself with Mahito, Hanami, and Dagon. Jogo held the belief that curses were the true essence of humanity and aimed to create a world where his kind ruled supreme.


Jogo possessed a humanoid form, but his appearance distinctly resembled that of a cursed spirit. He had the demeanor of an elderly man, with a relatively short stature compared to Mahito and Hanami, along with a hunched posture and the aid of a cane. Yuji Itadori described Jogo’s head as resembling a mountain, specifically a volcano, with pale gray skin that transitioned into a brown color at the top, resembling the opening of a volcano. His features included a single cycloptic eye, ear-like openings on the sides of his head, and black teeth. Jogo typically kept large corks in his ears, which would fly out if he became enraged, causing his head to erupt in flames.

Jogo’s attire typically consisted of an all-black ensemble, comprising a loose shirt with quarter-length sleeves, matching pants, and shoes. He adorned himself with his signature yellow spotted cape, adding a touch of distinctiveness to his outfit, and wore a white scarf as an additional accessory.

Jogo’s character was defined by his immense pride as a cursed spirit. He possessed remarkable intelligence and unwavering determination in his beliefs, willing to sacrifice himself as long as his long-term goals were realized. On a personal level, Jogo was consistently ill-tempered, irritable, and excessively arrogant.

Appearance of Jogo in jjk manga

He firmly believed that cursed spirits represented the true essence of humanity and should inherit the earth. Jogo viewed humans as beings filled with deceit, masking their true nature behind false displays of positive emotions. In contrast, he regarded curses, born from negative emotions, as embodiments of pure intent, considering them the purest form of humanity. To achieve this vision, Jogo and his allies formed an alliance with the curse user Pseudo-Geto, aiming to eliminate what he perceived as fake humans and establish the dominance of cursed spirits.

Despite Geto’s warnings, Jogo’s arrogance led him to challenge Satoru Gojo directly and vie for control of the Prison Realm technique as a reward. Ignoring Geto’s cautionary advice, Jogo’s excitement surged, causing his temperature to rise uncontrollably and resulting in the deaths of bystanders at the meeting venue.

Priding himself on his strength and holding disdain for all humans, Jogo severely underestimated Satoru, believing him to be inferior. However, Satoru effortlessly defeated Jogo, prompting him to begrudgingly acknowledge the vast difference in strength. Despite this realization, Jogo’s pride as a cursed spirit prevented him from simply accepting defeat. When Satoru labeled him as weak, Jogo’s temper flared uncontrollably, leading to a complete loss of composure.

Unlike his attitude towards humans, Jogo maintained positive relationships with his fellow cursed spirits. He regarded Dagon and Hanami as close friends and had a relatively amicable dynamic with Mahito. In their downtime, Jogo preferred to relax and smoke, while Mahito often interrupted with his cheerful disposition.

During discussions with Mahito about following Geto’s plan to recruit Sukuna, Jogo and Mahito agreed that Sukuna’s value was so immense that reviving him was worth the risk of their own elimination. This notion brought a smile to Jogo’s face, as he was content with the idea that even if he wasn’t present, curses would ultimately emerge as the true rulers of the earth.

During the Shibuya incident, Jogo harbored a deep grudge against Satoru and seized every opportunity to torment him. Confident in Geto’s plan, he took pleasure in slaughtering humans as collateral damage to hinder Satoru’s efforts. Throughout the confrontation, Jogo wore a consistent smile and taunted Satoru relentlessly until the world’s strongest sorcerer retaliated, exorcising Hanami and forcing Jogo to retreat. Frustrated and frightened, Jogo threatened Choso while fleeing, expressing dissatisfaction with the Death Painting’s assistance.

Later on, tensions rose between Jogo and Choso regarding their approach to dealing with Yuji. While Choso advocated for killing Yuji, Jogo insisted on turning him into Sukuna as per their previous agreement. When Choso expressed indifference, Jogo became irritated, leading to further conflict. Mahito exacerbated the situation by expressing his desire to kill Yuji, contradicting their prior agreement. This disagreement frustrated Jogo, who believed in the unwavering determination of curses compared to humans. Despite his reluctance to engage in games, Jogo was compelled to participate when Mahito and Choso departed to find Yuji.

When Dagon met his demise, Jogo discovered his remains and took a moment to mourn his fallen ally, despite being surrounded by sorcerers. Visibly saddened by the loss, Jogo bid farewell to Dagon, urging him to leave the rest to him. He assured Dagon that their souls would persist beyond humanity’s existence and pledged to reunite with him in the wastelands a century hence. Fueled by vengeance and anger, Jogo promptly sought retribution for Dagon’s death by incinerating Naobito, Nanami, and Maki one after the other.

Upon encountering Yuji, Jogo wasted no time in feeding him every finger in his possession. As Sukuna took control of the vessel, Jogo recognized his malevolence as surpassing even Satoru’s. Without requesting any favors, Jogo urged Sukuna to seize permanent control of Yuji. However, Sukuna declined, revealing his own intentions, leaving Jogo bewildered and surprised. In gratitude for the fingers, Sukuna agreed to fight Jogo and collaborate with him should he emerge victorious. Despite the risks, Jogo willingly confronted Sukuna in the hopes of recruiting him, fully aware of the potential consequences.

During the confrontation, Jogo found himself overwhelmingly outmatched by Sukuna, confronting his own inadequacies once again. Frustrated by his weakness, Jogo refrained from using Domain Expansion, knowing Sukuna’s superiority in such a battle. Sukuna observed Jogo’s diminished confidence and remarked on his defeatist attitude, labeling him as a true loser.

Sukuna admonished Jogo’s desire to supplant humans, considering it foolish. He criticized Jogo’s tendency to compare himself to others, asserting that true growth is hindered by such comparisons, and advised him to incinerate everything he desired without hesitation.

Despite initially resisting Sukuna’s perspective, Jogo eventually conceded that Sukuna’s insight was valid and acknowledged his own lack of ambition compared to Satoru Gojo. However, Sukuna expressed admiration for Jogo’s strength, acknowledging their battle as enjoyable and highlighting Jogo’s exceptional prowess among opponents over the last millennium. This recognition deeply moved Jogo, prompting him to shed tears for the first time, unaware of his capacity for such emotion.


In his final moments, Jogo envisioned Dagon and Hanami, apologizing for their collective demise. They entrusted their faith to Mahito, whom Jogo regarded as their leader. Though uncertain about their future rebirth, Jogo eagerly anticipated the day they would reunite, steadfast in his belief that they embodied the true essence of humanity.


Jogo’s exceptional skill level was evident from his status as an unregistered special grade cursed spirit that emerged around 2018. Born from humanity’s collective fear and negative associations with volcanoes and fire-related disasters, Jogo possessed unparalleled intelligence and an immense reservoir of cursed energy, even among special grades. Kenjaku equated Jogo’s strength to that of eight or nine of Sukuna’s fingers, highlighting his formidable power.

Merely activating his cursed technique would cause non-sorcerers to combust in his presence, while jujutsu sorcerers entering his domain faced a similar fate. In the Shibuya incident, Jogo was regarded as significantly more powerful than the formidable Dagon, as acknowledged by the Zenin Team and Nanami. In a brief encounter, Jogo swiftly overwhelmed Nanami, Maki, and Naobito with his superior speed and strength. This resulted in severe injuries to Nanami, permanent scars for Maki, and ultimately led to the demise of the Zenin clan head due to his injuries.

Despite being outmatched by Sukuna even with fifteen fingers absorbed, Jogo’s strength earned recognition from the King of Curses himself. Sukuna acknowledged that Jogo’s maximum technique could have inflicted harm had it landed, a testament to Jogo’s formidable power. Among the countless opponents Sukuna faced over a millennium, Jogo stood out as one of the strongest, underscoring his exceptional prowess. Kenjaku expressed a desire to absorb Jogo and acquire his technique through Cursed Spirit Manipulation.

Abilities of Jogo in jujutsu kaisen manga

Jogo possessed remarkable speed and reflexes, allowing him to outmaneuver several grade 1 sorcerers without detection. He swiftly overwhelmed Nanami, Maki, and Naobito, setting them ablaze before they could react. Despite their considerable skill, Jogo’s agility allowed him to outpace even Naobito, one of the fastest jujutsu sorcerers.

Additionally, Jogo exhibited remarkable durability, enduring blows from Satoru Gojo himself. While ultimately defeated by Gojo, Jogo survived attacks from multiple cursed techniques, including Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. Furthermore, he sustained himself through a prolonged confrontation with Sukuna, recovering from each physical strike delivered by the King of Curses.