Meet Kinji Hakari of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Kinji Hakari of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Kinji Hakari, also known as Hakari, features in the Jujutsu Kaisen series as a third-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Currently suspended for rebelling against authority, he manages the Gachinko Fight Club while away from school. This club hosts battles between sorcerers, with cash prizes up for grabs.


Physical appearance of Kinji Hakari

Kinji is a tall, muscular young man with tan skin and striking magenta-colored eyes. His eyebrows are thin and slit, and he sports a thin stubble mustache. Originally, he had black hair styled into short twisted locks while attending Jujutsu High, but he now has blonde hair fashioned into a puffy, tapered afro. As the head of the Gachinko Fight Club, Kinji dresses like a bookie, wearing a white tank top under a dark fur coat, with gray pants and light-colored boots. However, after agreeing to participate in the Culling Game, he opts for a Jujutsu High uniform jacket along with the same jeans and boots. Unlike Yuji Itadori’s jacket, Kinji’s uniform features a fully connected hood that matches the rest of his jacket in color.


Kinji is characterized as a self-absorbed individual who shows little regard for the rules and structure of Jujutsu High. Yuta Okkotsu describes him as moody, and most students around his age view him as a good-for-nothing. He takes pleasure in observing people become consumed by their passions, which he refers to as their “fever.” Kinji is cunning and adept at manipulating others, channeling his fervor into this manipulation. He sees gambling as a convenient means to harness people’s desires for change.

Kinji believes everyone possesses this fever and aims to exploit it through his fight club, aspiring to influence Japan’s collective fervor. In his interactions, Kinji invites Yuji to join him, asking if he wants to indulge in his fever. Kirara Hoshi notes that Kinji’s passion burns brightest when he’s working as a sorcerer for Jujutsu High. However, his unconventional attitude and modern approach clash with the traditionalists, leading to his suspension for assaulting a conservative member. Undeterred, Kinji sees the chaos caused by the public exposure of curses as an opportunity to promote his fight club. Ultimately, he aims to have his club officially recognized by Jujutsu officials in anticipation of forthcoming regulatory changes.

Kinji Hakari is selective about risking his life alongside another sorcerer, only willing if they exhibit a genuine passion, or what he calls a “fever.” Initially unimpressed by Yuji’s recommended presence, Kinji found him dull, merely a cog in the sorcerer system. However, Yuji’s fervor ultimately caught Kinji’s attention, leading to an agreement to work together based on the belief that passion never lies. Despite his outward abrasiveness, Kinji holds gratitude towards those who have supported him. He was visibly affected by the deaths of Masamichi Yaga and the sealing of Satoru Gojo, showing a rare vulnerable side. Although his demeanor may suggest otherwise, Kinji’s actions reflect a respect for others’ passions.

In a surprising turn, Kinji showed empathy towards Charles Bernard during the stress of the Culling Game, engaging in a tough yet supportive exchange. Despite his initial tough front, Kinji recognized Charles’ need to vent his frustration and encouraged him to pursue his dreams after the ordeal. Their encounter revealed Kinji’s complex character, blending selfishness with genuine kindness and understanding.

Hakari's personality in Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Although Kinji doesn’t actively pursue conflict, he finds himself thriving in intense situations, particularly when there’s a risk involved. He exhibits a fondness for gambling on his abilities in fights, even in life-or-death scenarios. During his intense battle with Hajime Kashimo, the two engaged in competitive banter and taunts while exchanging blows. Despite the perilous nature of the fight, Kinji maintained a smile throughout and openly acknowledged Kashimo’s strength, even praising him for nearly ending his life multiple times.

Despite emerging victorious, Kinji didn’t feel like a true winner. Instead, he respected Kashimo’s abilities and decided to ally with him. In exchange for what Kashimo desired most, Kinji offered to collaborate, recognizing the value in joining forces with a formidable opponent. This encounter showcases Kinji’s willingness to adapt and negotiate, even in the heat of battle.

Abilities and Personality:

Hakari is regarded as one of the top-tier students at Tokyo Jujutsu High, earning recognition for his exceptional skill and prowess. Even Satoru Gojo, the most powerful sorcerer globally, sees in Hakari and Yuta Okkotsu the potential to challenge his own dominance someday. Yuji and other senior students affirm Hakari’s remarkable strength, with Yuta acknowledging Hakari as even stronger than himself when sufficiently motivated. This acknowledgment underscores Hakari’s exceptional abilities and potential for greatness within the world of sorcery.

Kinji is not just a skilled close-quarters fighter with serrated cursed energy; he’s also a remarkable jujutsu specialist equipped with a dynamic domain. His prowess was evident in the Culling Game, where he defeated Hajime Kashimo, a formidable opponent recognized as one of the strongest players and sorcerers encountered by Kenjaku in a millennium. His domain, unique and backed by reliable luck, proved formidable against any threat. Even Charles Bernard, who could glimpse into Kinji’s future briefly, was swiftly overcome once Kinji activated his domain’s jackpot. Despite facing near-death encounters with Kashimo, Kinji’s strategic thinking and keen battle sense, combined with his domain abilities, ensured his victory.

Kinji also boasts exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills, as demonstrated in his intense encounter with Yuji. He applied overwhelming pressure, causing significant damage to Yuji, who eventually ceased resistance in a bid for Kinji’s acknowledgment. This encounter underscores Kinji’s brutal yet effective fighting style and his ability to overpower even highly proficient opponents.

Master Combatant:

Kinji’s combat style is more than just brute force; he’s a skilled martial artist proficient in a variety of physical techniques. Employing a blend of punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and grappling moves, he overwhelms his opponents with calculated precision. Even against opponents with foresight abilities like Charles, Kinji’s mastery of hand-to-hand combat shines through. Confident in his skills, he initially engages with hands in pockets, relying solely on kicks for defense. Charles admits Kinji’s physical prowess would have easily overpowered him if not for his cursed technique. In his showdown with Hajime Kashimo, Kinji’s combat prowess reaches new heights, especially when empowered by his domain’s jackpot. Bolstered by boundless cursed energy, his strikes become unstoppable, enabling him to dominate exchanges against even skilled martial artists like Kashimo.

Kinji’s tactical intellect complements his combat finesse. Despite his straightforward demeanor, he possesses strategic acumen, quickly adapting to exploit opponents’ weaknesses. Against Charles, Kinji capitalizes on blind spots to negate his foresight advantage, maintaining relentless pressure to disrupt his focus on future events. Even in his unkillable mode, Kinji’s recklessness serves him well. He strategically allows himself to endure Kashimo’s attacks, knowing his auto-healing capabilities will swiftly regenerate any damage sustained. This calculated risk-taking keeps opponents off balance, allowing Kinji to seize control of battles and emerge victorious.

Despite facing near-death encounters with Kashimo, Kinji’s resourcefulness and adaptability shone through. Initially caught off guard by Kashimo’s electric discharge, Kinji deduced a loophole in the attack and gambled on aggressively pressing the offense. This risky move nearly cost him his life, but on the brink of defeat, Kinji made a calculated decision to expand his domain, ultimately securing his survival.

As the battle with Kashimo intensified, Kinji transitioned from brute force to strategic maneuvers. Utilizing the ocean as a tool, he outwitted Kashimo by exploiting the water’s conductivity to neutralize his electrified attacks. However, his attempt to finish the fight in the ocean led to another perilous situation—a steam explosion. In a moment of desperation, Kinji made a split-second decision to sacrifice his left arm, protecting the rest of his body from harm. Kinji’s exceptional luck also played a significant role in his victories. Despite the slim odds of hitting the jackpot with his domain, Kinji’s luck consistently favored him.

Whether facing Charles or Kashimo, Kinji’s domain yielded favorable results with astonishing frequency. Even in dire circumstances, such as the brink of death, Kinji’s luck prevailed, earning begrudging admiration from his opponents. In essence, Kinji’s ability to think on his feet, coupled with his extraordinary luck, proved instrumental in securing his triumphs against formidable adversaries like Kashimo.