Terrifying Power of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen


Mahito is a major villain in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He’s a powerful cursed spirit, not officially registered, and he’s allied with Pseudo-Geto. Mahito leads his own group, which includes Jogo, Hanami, and Dagon. Their main aim is to wipe out humanity and replace it with cursed spirits.


According to jujutsu sorcerers, Mahito appears like a human-like cursed spirit with a face resembling patchwork and gray eyes. (In the anime, Mahito has heterochromia, with one dark blue eye and one gray eye.) He has long, grayish-blue hair that extends past his neck, divided into three large sections tied at the ends. Besides his face, Mahito’s body is covered in stitches, giving the impression that he was sewn together. Mahito typically wears a black shawl, with the left sleeve divided into three parts. He pairs this with black pants and sometimes white shoes.


Mahito is depicted as a sadistic and immature cursed spirit who delights in playing with human emotions. He shows little regard for human life, including his own, prioritizing the revival of Sukuna over his own well-being. He remains indifferent to whether he personally witnesses cursed spirits dominating, as long as it eventually happens. Unlike his ally Jogo, who is hot-headed and arrogant, Mahito maintains a relatively calm and playful demeanor, although they share the same goals for their kind.

Due to his origin, Mahito excels at manipulating and interacting with humans. He exploits their negative emotions like hatred, sorrow, and insecurity to control their actions, often leading them astray from their better judgment. By blaming others for his misdeeds, like framing Shota Ito for a cursed finger placement that led to tragedy, he easily manipulates individuals like Junpei into seeking revenge. Despite witnessing Mahito’s true nature, Junpei remains blinded by manipulation until it’s too late, highlighting Mahito’s skill at deception.

Personality of Mahito

Nanami characterizes Mahito as extremely immature, with a shallow demeanor similar to Satoru Gojo. Mahito takes pleasure in manipulating humans, even when facing danger in battle. He befriended Junpei solely for amusement, manipulating him into becoming a curse user by exploiting his hatred. When Junpei outlived his usefulness, Mahito callously used him as leverage against Yuji and didn’t hesitate to kill him. Mahito also delves into philosophical discussions about souls, believing that the soul precedes the body and finding fascination in its nature. His cursed technique revolves around this obsession, leading him to experiment on human victims to gain further understanding.

Although usually composed, Mahito shows visible unease when his own safety is at risk, as seen when Yuji’s attacks posed a genuine threat. He was shocked when Nobara’s cursed technique injured him, revealing his strong desire to eliminate any potential threats. After being critically injured by Yuji’s Black Flash and realizing Yuji’s determination to stop him, Mahito became terrified and tried desperately to flee, exposing his true nature as a cruel, cowardly, and hypocritical individual who enjoys inflicting pain but fears facing consequences.

Abilities and Power:

Mahito is an unregistered Special Grade cursed spirit whose power surpasses that of at least three of Sukuna’s fingers when he first encounters Yuji Itadori. Despite being younger and less experienced than Jogo, Mahito quickly proves himself to be exceptionally powerful and demonstrates rapid growth within just two months. He possesses high intelligence and a dangerous cursed technique, making him a formidable opponent. Mahito shows great potential for development, often evolving during battles. In a one-on-one confrontation, Mahito overwhelms Grade 1 sorcerer Kento Nanami by neutralizing his cursed technique. Nanami recognizes Mahito’s immense threat and believes he must be exorcised immediately before becoming too powerful for Jujutsu High to handle.

In Mahito’s intense battle against Nanami and Yuji, he was on the verge of defeating both jujutsu sorcerers single-handedly. His strength grew even as he faced danger, leading him to unlock his own Domain Expansion ability. During the Shibuya Incident, Mahito pushed his limits even further. He gained the ability to create perfect clones of himself and further developed his soul-manipulating powers. Despite splitting his cursed energy to create a double, both versions of Mahito proved formidable in combat against Yuji and later, Todo. He even landed a powerful Black Flash attack on them, demonstrating his deepening understanding of cursed energy and his own soul. This allowed him to activate the Instant Spirit Body Of Distorted Killing technique, elevating his power even more.

Abilities and Powers of Mahito in Jujutsu Manga

Enhanced Powers:

Enhanced Strength: Mahito possesses remarkable physical strength, as evidenced by his ability to overpower Yuji Itadori in their second encounter, causing Yuji to cough up blood from the force of his blows. Even when dividing his strength to create a double, Mahito delivered a powerful blow to Yuji, indicating his immense force. He demonstrated the potential to inflict severe damage, claiming he could have split Yuji’s skull with more effort. Additionally, Mahito easily dispatched multiple Mechamarus and managed to restrain Nanami. When augmented with Black Flash, his strikes were forceful enough to cause Aoi Todo to cough up blood despite Todo’s focus on his cursed energy.

Enhanced Speed: Mahito exhibits extraordinary speed, effortlessly bypassing Nanami’s defenses during their battle using Idle Transfiguration. He moved swiftly enough to outrun Yuji and launch attacks on Todo before he could react effectively, showcasing his rapid movements.

Enhanced Reflexes: Mahito’s reflexes are exceptional, allowing him to react swiftly to attacks and counter them effectively during battles with Yuji and Todo. He managed to keep pace with Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique to a certain extent and adeptly fought against both Yuji and Nanami simultaneously, evading their attacks and delivering swift counters.

High Intellect: Mahito possesses remarkable intelligence, particularly for a cursed spirit. He accurately deduced that jujutsu sorcerers were investigating him and devised a trap for them. He can quickly assess his opponent’s skill level and anticipate their cursed techniques after just a few exchanges, as demonstrated against Nanami and Yuji. Mahito also developed countermeasures to Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique faster than others. He employs various tactics to deceive his opponents and often serves as the strategist alongside Pseudo-Geto.

Enhanced Durability: Mahito exhibits exceptional resilience, making him challenging to defeat. His cursed technique nullifies physical attacks, and even his soul proves highly resistant to damage. Despite Nanami’s attempts to crush his body, Mahito endured the battle without showing signs of pain. Even when overwhelmed by Yuji and Nanami, Mahito unlocked a new power instead of succumbing to defeat. Even in a weakened state while using Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing, Mahito sustained no damage from Yuji’s reinforced punches, leading Yuji to believe that only a Black Flash with maximum cursed energy could defeat him.