Meet Nobara: Know her Journey in Jujutsu Kaisen

Nobara from JJK manga

Nobara Kugisaki is a key character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, serving as the third most important protagonist. She’s a first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High and holds the rank of grade 3 jujutsu sorcerer. Nobara studies under the guidance of Satoru Gojo, alongside her classmates Yuji and Megumi.


Nobara is of average height and has a slender build. She sports mid-length brown hair that falls to her neck, often styled with bangs covering the right side of her forehead. Her distinctive features include orange eyes, long eyelashes, and thin eyebrows of the same color.

In terms of attire, Nobara wears the standard jujutsu school uniform, which consists of a dark blue sakura-style top, resembling a button-down jacket, paired with a long matching skirt that reaches just above her knees. Completing her ensemble are black stockings and brown shoes. Notably, she wears a signature brown belt that carries her jujutsu tools. Nobara, who takes pleasure in dressing up, owns a variety of outfits. Upon enrolling at Jujutsu High, she acquired a tracksuit for the first time, purchasing one shortly after. The tracksuit features a white and blue hoodie adorned with a flower pattern, complemented by black leggings and white shoes.


Nobara is a confident, bold young woman with a strong, unwavering personality. Above all, she values staying true to herself, refusing to let anyone sway her beliefs. She takes pride in being beautiful and a skilled fighter, maintaining her independence, and not allowing others to dictate her actions. Initially, Nobara may come across as arrogant and abrasive. When she first met Yuji and 

Megumi made it clear she considered herself superior to them. She also frequently clashed with Yuji during their initial missions together. However, despite her tough exterior, Nobara is deeply caring and dedicated, though she doesn’t readily show this side of herself to most people. Through their shared experiences on missions, Yuji and Megumi eventually became Nobara’s closest allies. From a young age, Nobara stood out as outspoken and unconventional in her small hometown. She often felt like the odd one out, considering everyone else to be a bit crazy. Determined to leave behind the quiet countryside for the bustling city life, Nobara dreamed of trading her small town for the excitement of urban living.

Nobara was drawn to outsiders who moved into the village, particularly individuals like Fumi and Saori. She admired Saori greatly and was deeply saddened when Saori was forced to leave the neighborhood. Saori’s departure only fueled Nobara’s desire to escape the village and fueled her aspiration to reunite with Saori someday. Before enrolling at Jujutsu High, Nobara made a promise to Fumi that the three of them would eventually reunite in Tokyo, keeping alive her hope of reconnecting with her beloved friend Saori.

Image showing personality of Nobara in JJK Manga Series

Nobara confidently embraces her role as a jujutsu sorcerer, asserting herself decisively even when Yuji and Megumi hesitate. Unlike her male counterparts, who may become flustered in certain situations, Nobara remains composed and level-headed. She enjoys humor in casual settings and isn’t afraid to engage in playful banter, especially during combat, regardless of her opponent. Among her peers, Nobara holds Maki Zenin in high regard. She admires Maki’s self-assurance and strength, particularly in standing up against her family’s oppression. Nobara and Yuji are known as the class clowns among the first-year students, often teasing Megumi for amusement. Despite pretending to be indifferent towards them, Nobara was genuinely upset by Yuji’s death following an incident at the Detention Center. She even shed a tear upon his revival and demanded an apology from him, revealing her underlying care for her companions.

During the Goodwill Event, Momo Nishimiya’s attempt to justify Mai Zenin’s behavior by insulting Yuji angered Nobara. Nobara holds disdain for Mai and is irritated by Momo’s attempt to excuse her actions by discussing gender-based discrimination in the Zenin Family. Nobara dismissed Momo’s sentiments, emphasizing that she doesn’t buy into “boys versus girls” arguments. Unlike Mai, Nobara sees Maki as a good person despite her difficult circumstances, believing that people shouldn’t be excused for their actions solely because of their background. She openly rejected Momo’s perspective and urged her to consider Yuji’s character before passing judgment, emphasizing that life isn’t just about fulfilling obligations. Upon enrolling at Jujutsu High, Satoru Gojo doubted how a girl from the countryside would fare against daunting cursed spirits. Nobara, however, proved herself during a battle with the Death Paintings by demonstrating her willingness to endure pain to achieve victory. She willingly inflicted harm upon herself to counter Eso’s cursed technique, showcasing her determination and resolve as a jujutsu sorcerer.

During the Shibuya Incident, Nobara’s pride was wounded after a close call with Haruta Shigemo. Despite being told to wait for rescue, she disregarded orders and persisted in assisting her allies. However, her overconfidence led to her downfall when she underestimated Mahito’s abilities, resulting in her being gravely injured by Idle Transfiguration. In what could have been her final moments, Nobara reflected on her past perceptions and newfound appreciation for the “crazy” sorcerers at Jujutsu High. She faced her potential demise with courage and a smile, asking Yuji to reassure others that her end wasn’t

Abilities and Powers:

Nobara holds the rank of grade 3 jujutsu sorcerer at Jujutsu High, which is understandable considering her status as a young first-year student and relative lack of experience in the field. Despite her junior status, Nobara has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to hold her own against sorcerers of higher ranks. Even before entering school, she possessed a solid understanding of exorcising curses with her innate technique. While she initially lacked physical prowess, Nobara showcased her mental resilience during a confrontation at the Eishu Detention Center, where she defended herself effectively until running out of resources.

Nobara showing her abilities and powers.

After receiving training from Maki, Nobara focused on improving her physical abilities, undergoing rigorous stamina conditioning, and learning to withstand blows from Panda. By the time of the Goodwill Event, Nobara showed significant improvement as a close-combat fighter. During her fight with Momo, Nobara faced the challenge of Momo’s aerial advantage. However, through resourcefulness and utilizing the environment, Nobara managed to outmaneuver her opponent. Enduring multiple knockdowns from cursed energy wind, Nobara persisted until she found a way to counterattack, a testament to her resilience and the effectiveness of Maki and Panda’s training.

Although Nobara was ultimately eliminated from the Goodwill Event, she displayed remarkable growth in combat proficiency. Teaming up with Yuji, she faced special grade curses Eso and Kechizu despite being poisoned by the Death Painting’s blood technique. Nobara’s quick thinking and ability to stay composed under pressure allowed her to exploit their connection, ultimately countering their technique and demonstrating her potential to combat formidable foes.

Nobara’s adaptability and courage were on full display when she used Resonance on herself to injure both Eso and Kechizu simultaneously. Despite the pain of self-inflicted wounds, Nobara willingly activated Resonance, leveraging the poison and discomfort to achieve extreme focus. In this heightened state, she even unleashed the formidable power of Black Flash. Nobara and Yuji’s victory over the special grade curses earned them high praise from Mei Mei and Todo, who recommended them and their peers for promotion to grade 1. During the Shibuya Incident, Nobara faced off against the cunning curse user Shigemo. Underestimating his abilities, Nobara was repeatedly caught off guard by his attacks. Shigemo’s precision made it challenging for Nobara to defend herself, let alone mount a counteroffensive. Thinking quickly, Nobara engaged Shigemo in conversation, buying herself valuable time until Nanami arrived to defeat the curse user and rescue her.

Despite having little to show for her efforts during the incident, Nobara refused to retreat as ordered and continued fighting. When she encountered Mahito, an opponent she had information on unlike Shigemo, Nobara focused on reaching the core of cursed energy, akin to the sensation of unlocking Black Flash. Crafting a strategic plan, Nobara deceived Mahito’s double into believing she was solely focusing on physical damage that couldn’t harm his soul. In reality, she intended to use his body as a conduit for her technique to target his soul. After lulling Mahito into a false sense of security, Nobara successfully struck his soul, inflicting significant damage. Mahito quickly recognized Nobara as one of his natural enemies, akin to his view of Yuji.