Meet Sukuna: A Powerful Character of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Ryomen Sukuna


Ryomen Sukuna, often just called Sukuna, is a super powerful sorcerer from a thousand years ago and is known as the King of Curses. He’s a major bad guy in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Legend says Sukuna was a big deal back in the Heian Era, but he was a sorcerer who got a bad rap. People tried to take him down, but they kept failing. When he died, he turned into a bunch of cursed objects called fingers, each one holding a piece of his power.

Sukuna came back to life in June 2018 when a guy named Yuji Itadori ate one of his fingers. Sukuna ended up stuck inside Yuji’s body, sometimes taking over control.


In the past, Sukuna appeared as a scary demon with four arms and two faces. When he inhabited Yuji Itadori’s body, he looked like Yuji but with some changes. He had pink spiky hair that was pushed forward and had tattoos or lines on his forehead, nose, cheeks, upper body, and abdomen. He also had an extra pair of eyes beneath his normal ones, usually closed.

Physical appearance of Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna’s Personality:

Sukuna’s personality is quite dark and twisted. He only cares about himself and his own desires. He’s also cold-hearted and immoral, showing no concern for the well-being of others, even women and children, whom he refers to as maggots. He is exceptionally sadistic, finding pleasure in causing pain and suffering to others. Because of his immense power, Sukuna doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions, even if they harm his host, Yuji Itadori. He often insults and taunts Yuji, treating him with disdain and enjoying his moments of despair.

Sukuna is arrogant due to his strength, looking down on others and considering himself superior. He’s dismissive of his opponents and rarely takes them seriously. However, he’s not foolish; he’s quite intelligent and manipulative. For example, he takes control of Yuji’s body by removing his heart, forcing him into a Binding Vow. During conversations with Yuji, Sukuna reveals his disdain for humanity, likening them to insects and showing a lack of understanding of their desire to live and find happiness. He doesn’t value relationships or emotions, viewing them as weaknesses. This reflects his adherence to social Darwinism, the idea that only the strongest survive and thrive. Overall, Sukuna’s personality is marked by cruelty, arrogance, and a lack of empathy towards others.

Personality of Sukuna

Abilities and Powers:

Overall Skill Level:

  • In the Heian Era, Sukuna was the most powerful sorcerer of his time, feared and respected by all. He defeated thousands of jujutsu sorcerers, earning titles like “Strongest Sorcerer In History” and “King of Curses.”
  • He possessed immense cursed energy and mastered jujutsu, as well as exceptional physical strength and combat skills.
  • Even in Yuji’s body with only a few fingers, Sukuna remained formidable, easily dispatching powerful curses and defeating skilled sorcerers like Megumi Fushiguro.


  • Sukuna can incarnate into whoever consumes his fingers, gaining a physical body.
  • After death, he learned to split his soul into cursed objects, like his fingers, demonstrating advanced knowledge and manipulation of cursed energy.

Incarnation, known as “Juniku” in Japanese, refers to the process by which Sukuna can manifest in a physical human body through whoever consumes his fingers. When Yuji ingested the first of Sukuna’s twenty fingers, Sukuna immediately took possession of his body. Unlike other incarnated sorcerers, Sukuna knew to split his soul into cursed objects after experiencing death.

Sukuna Incarnation

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

  • Sukuna is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, using martial arts alongside his cursed techniques.
  • He effortlessly overwhelms opponents in close combat, combining physical prowess with cursed energy manipulation.

Immense Strength:

  • Sukuna possesses tremendous physical strength, able to defeat large cursed spirits with ease and cause significant destruction with his punches.
  • He can overpower special-grade curses and fling opponents through buildings effortlessly.

Immense Speed:

  • Sukuna demonstrates incredible speed, surprising opponents with swift movements and delivering powerful blows before they can react.
  • He blitzes opponents with ease, maintaining dominance in battles through his speed.

Immense Reflexes:

  • Sukuna has exceptional reflexes, capable of countering opponents’ attacks swiftly and accurately.
  • He dodges attacks effortlessly and can cut off limbs before opponents realize they’ve been hit.

Immense Durability:

  • Sukuna can enhance his host’s resilience using cursed energy, surviving devastating attacks without significant harm.
  • He withstands powerful techniques and attacks, showing resilience even against Satoru Gojo’s formidable abilities.

Great Tactical Intellect:

  • Sukuna possesses high intelligence, quickly understanding the mechanics of cursed techniques and devising effective strategies.
  • He deduces opponents’ weaknesses and exploits them, creating plans to achieve his goals.